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Review: “My Own Devil” by Deadweather

Whether or not Orlando Florida quartet Jesse Hash (vocals), Blake Miller (guitars), Paul Poole (bass) and Devin Russ (drums) named their band after the Varials track on 2015’s “Failure//Control” remains a mystery* but one thing is for certain. Deadweather are their own entity. They cite the likes of The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals and The

NEWS: Deadweather get “Shamefaced”!

A Melodic Metalcore band from Orlando, Florida potentially named after a song from the 2015 “Failure//Control” album by Varials and having just a handful of singles on tap at the bar are Deadweather. They’ve followed up “Flowers On My Grave” and “The Well” with a third new song of 2019 in “Shamefaced” and all three