Review: “My Own Devil” by Deadweather

Whether or not Orlando Florida quartet Jesse Hash (vocals), Blake Miller (guitars), Paul Poole (bass) and Devin Russ (drums) named their band after the Varials track on 2015’s “Failure//Control” remains a mystery* but one thing is for certain. Deadweather are their own entity. They cite the likes of The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals and The Ghost Inside amongst their influences and are joined on their debut EP by Matthew McDougal of Boundaries fame.

Originally released back in May, opening track “The Well” brings the Melodic Metalcore sound you’d associate with Canadians Counterparts. Alex Britt’s Mixing and Mastering job is well done, Devin Russ getting a huge drum sound while everything has a fresh crunch of a newly opened pact of foil wrapped crisps. A fast paced and energetic piece of the jigsaw puzzle, it’s introspective lyrics talk of wanting to hide in the well where no one can be found, isolated, cold and alone. Release day single with full music video “Shamefaced” features guest vocals from Matt McDougal of Connecticut’s Boundaries alongside a stand out kit performance from Devin Russ. Their is no doubt the whole band step it up with a heavier cut for their guest and make the most out of the opportunity having him on board will do for them. The spoken word amid pause break riffs before the bass heavy drop is a real moment.

Making its appearance back in August “Flowers On My Grave” returns to the sound of the opening track with some slick lead flourish moments and stuccato riffage. It’s accompanied by an off Deathcore growl that doesn’t quite reach the depths it could but remains poetic and substantial as well as fitting in the current scene. Title track “My Own Devil” is a Tasmanian Devil whirlwind of a track rooted firmly in Hardcore Punk delivered with an adrenaline fueled venom and a sublime mid song breakdown that heavier bands that Deadweather would be proud of. Overall a slick and well put together debut that has plenty to offer without doing anything overly new [7/10]

*It’s no longer a mystery, Jesse Hash dropped us a line and confirmed that is is very much the case!

Track listing

  1. The Well
  2. Shamefaced (Ft. Matthew McDougal of Boundaries)
  3. Flowers On My Grave
  4. My Own Devil

“My Own Devil” by Deadweather is out now and available over at bandcamp

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