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NEWS: Embryo express their pride!

Italian Melodic Death Metal masters Embryo have unleashed their highly anticipated fifth album “A Vivid Shade on Misery“, which features Nile drummer George Kollias whom the band recruited for the entire recording. Monolithic, intense, powerful, technical and melodic this masterwork comprises eight brand new cuts and follows in the footsteps of predecessor “A Step Beyond

NEWS: Embryo seek the highest fame?

Italian Melodic Death Metal Masters Embryo are sharing another glimpse of what the future holds with “Highest Fame” from their forthcoming fifth album “A Vivid Shade on Misery“. Recorded at Domination Studio in July 2021 and inspired by Michelangelo Merisi alias Caravaggio, an Italian painter active in Rome for most of his artistic life, the

Bootleg: “Kafir” from Nile!

Filmed at the Cornerstone in Berkeley California on 16th February by Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV, here’s American Death Metal Kings Nile performing “Kafir” from their 2009 classic “Those Whom the Gods Detest”, a landmark album in the bands career as they approach 30 years on the scene. The show itself is part of a

Review: “Experiments in Warfare” by Death Chamber

The roots of Death Chamber go back to the summer of August 2018 when with smell of rotting flesh in the air guitarist Tim Reu began to experiment with some riffs that would take him beyond the horizons of his Black Metal band Chaedrist and into the realms of Death Metal. The solo project started

Review: “The Entombment Of Chaos” by Skeletal Remains

Originally forming as Anthropophagy in 2011, Californian Death Metal quartet Skeletal Remains, now comprising – Chris Monroy (Vocals and Guitars), Mike De La O (Guitars), Noah Young (Bass) and Charlie Koryn (Drums) – have spent the better part of the last decade playing shows across the US, Europe and Japan having unleashed a trio of

Review: “Sermon Of Apathy” by Desolator

For over a decade, Swedish Death Metallers Desolator have have been treading the hallowed ground and paying homage to the Stockholm Masters of yore. The buzzsaw guitar sound of their first trio of releases, including the triumphant “Unearthly Monument” record of 2013 saw Stefan Nordström (Guitars and Vocals), Joakim Rudemyr (Guitars and Vocals), Jonas Bergkvist

NEWS: Desolator recite “The Great Law of the Dead”!

Treading the hallowed ground of the Swedish Death Metal scene for the past decade, Desolator have returned with their second album for Black Lion Records. “Sermon of Apathy” will mark their territory with seven tracks said to be the Frankenstein’s Monster of death metal, blending the aggression of the Stockholm sound with the creative and dissonant

NEWS: Desolator debut “Creatures Of Habit”!

…with pre-orders available here, Black Lion Records have announced that 4th September will see a new album from Swedish Death Metal quartet Desolator. Their first output in four years sees them joined on “The Great Law of the Dead” not only by Oliver Palmquist of Phidion fame but also the legendary Karl Sanders of Nile. For

Interview: Nile talk “Vile Nileotic Rites”!

Filmed before their show on 13th September in Budapest Hungary, Impact Metal spoke to Nile drummer Georgios “George” Kollias. The subject matter? The upcoming new album, drumming and… vile nileotic rites? Oh wait. That’s the title of their ninth studio album? “Vile Nileotic Rites” will appear from the Egyptian sands on 1st November via Nuclear

NEWS: Nile crossing Europe in September!

A trio of UK dates have emerged in a massive European Tour that will see Nile, Hate Eternal, Vitriol and Omophagia join forces in September. Nile have been in the studio recording their first new album in 4 years. It will be their first with guitarist Brian Kingsland who replaced original member Dallas Toler-Wade in