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NEWS: No Face No Case reap the whirlwind!

The wait for new material from Prague Nu-Beatdown Deathcore meets Nu-Metalcore collective No Face No Case continues as the band have returned to their December dropped EP “Flex Fiesta” for a music video for “Tornado“. Its success will have Ultra Heavy Records licking their lips as the prospect of future new material. In the meantime, they have

NEWS: Silent Generation scream “One Shot Lay Flat”!

Shot and edited by Ondřej Plecháč, Slamming Nu Beatdown Deathcore outfit Silent Generation from Prague Czech Republic have pleaded the fifth amendment and shared a music video for new single “One Shot Lay Flat” which features Final Words and Throwback. The cut is their fourth since 2021 album “36 Rampage Avenue” and as Deathcore enthusiasts

NEWS: Its the last supper for No Face No Case!

Prague Czech Republic heavy hitters No Face No Case have been joined by 33 Movement for another Nu-Beatdown death trap in “Reality Check” with a music video that takes the last supper to the next level. It’s an album release day classic as the band simultaneously drop album “Flex Fiesta” via Ultra Heavy Records. Be

NEWS: No Face No Case get inspired by Will Smith movies?!

Joined by Jonus and Rino of Recount, Prague Czech Republic Nu-Beatdown crew No Face No Case have premiered a music video for new single “Bad Boys“. Mixed and mastered by Simone Pietroforte (Distant, Stell/\ris) of Divergent Studios expect something brutal and hilariously funny at the same time as they name drop Limp Bizkit and leave

NEWS: It’s like Wrestle Mania for No Face No Case!

Because they’ve tapped up not only Alan Grnja from Rotterdam Netherlands heavy hitters Distant but also Rok Rupnik from Japanese culture loving Deathcore brutes Within Destruction for a new single called “No Hope” that is a fierce a f*** while also thanking Silent Generation and Abyss Above for making appearances in the video. Nu-Beatdown from the

NEWS: No Face No Case get ready for the drop…

The return of Prague, Czech Republic Nu-Beatdown merchants No Face No Case with “Drop” sees them cross the World’s of Nu-Metal, Beatdown Hardcore and Deathcore in one immaculate misconception. Known for their love of curb stomping appeal, this one marks the forth single from them in a discography that includes “Deadbeat” that sees a guest

Playthrough: “Out Of The Blue” from No Face No Case!

Crossing the World’s of Nu Metal and Beatdown Hardcore to form a sound that they’re self describing as Nu-Beatdown are Prague, Czech Republic quintet No Face No Case and they’ve busted drummer Toby McGuiness out of lockup for a drum playthrough video of their recent single “Out Of The Blue“. They’re currently sitting on an EP

NEWS: No Face No Case premier “Deadbeat”

Prague, Czech Republic is home to No Face No Case, a beatdown quintet who have tapped up Andrew Benc of Epicardiectomy to add a guest vocal to their debut single “Deadbeat“. Their initial works have taken 5 months to put together and you can snag this single over at bandcamp. No alcohol was consumed in