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NEWS: Noveria continue their ascent!

Continuing their campaign around “The Gates of the Underworld“, which releases on 25th August via Scarlet Records, Noveria have shared a music video directed by Matteo Ermeti for “Ascent“, a third single from it. A Progressive Metal album, it’s a wild roller-coaster ride through a psychotic break, escaping a narcissistic relationship, the aftermath of surviving

NEWS: Noveria begin their fall from grace?

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Fabio Lione of Angra fame, Italian Progressive Metal quintet Noveria have released a lyric video for “Descent“, an obvious choice for a second single from their upcoming album “The Gates of the Underworld“. Releasing on 25th August via Scarlet Records, the band are set to take you on a

NEWS: Noveria open the gates to another realm?

Adorned by cover artwork that looks like it was inspired by the Chronicles Of Riddick, “The Gates Of The Underworld” will arrive on Planet Metal from Noveria via Scarlet Records on 25th August. A Progressive Metal record produced by Simone Mularoni (Moonlight Haze, Ark, Twilight Force) at Domination Studio, it is said to take things