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Review: “Dissociate” by Trendkill

A growing concern since 2014, having had initial success that took them to Bloodstock once upon a time, Teesside based North East Groove Thrash act TrendKill endured the turbulence of line up changes that threatened to derail their train in before finding a new vocalist in Alistair Lisle (Artura, Live Undead, ex-Ball of Mayhem). Since

The Black Map #166: Trendkill from Middlesbrough!

Four years ago a triumphant TrendKill were standing on stage at Bloodstock, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with cuts from their debut EP “One” in Groove laden Thrash Metal style. A milestone moment for any band, it set the bar for the Northern heavyweights, a standard to which ascend while showing others just how

Review: “One” by Black Sky Research

A group of seasoned musicians, each known for music within different subgenres got together in 2019 with the vision of creating music without boundaries, to feed off each others ideas and spark that creativity that often pushes the envelope and gets people talking. In choosing to create a concept piece for their first record, former

NEWS: Do Arkive DJent?!

Dreambound Records have unearthed yet another Australian talent in Melbourne’s DJent crew Arkive. You can hear new song “One” below and check out more from the band over at bandcamp.