The Black Map #166: Trendkill from Middlesbrough!

Four years ago a triumphant TrendKill were standing on stage at Bloodstock, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with cuts from their debut EP “One” in Groove laden Thrash Metal style. A milestone moment for any band, it set the bar for the Northern heavyweights, a standard to which ascend while showing others just how it’s done. Hailing from Middlesbrough, it had taken the quartet three years of blood, sweat and tears to reach that Everest, having played pretty much anywhere and everywhere that would have them, up and down the country, taking their rage to the stage. A year later in 2018 they unveiled a well received sophomore record in “Black Moon“, that opened a few more doors and created windows of opportunity which then slammed shut as vocalist Elliot Bartram departed in 2019.

However what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and after receiving the snake bite they managed to locate and inject the anti-venom, finding a powerhouse new vocalist in Newcastle native Alistair Lisle. He put lyrics to a demo during his initiation that would eventually become “Struck From Existence”, something which told the other members of the band that this was going to work and during the Great Plague, second single “Obsession“ was born. The quality of those cuts enabled the band to ink a deal in blood with a new management team in Unearthed Music Management and the rest as they say, is history…

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