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Review: “Songs About Mostly Pubs and Drugs Vol. 2” by Plants

Recorded at The Pet Food Factory April 2019 by Jay Whalley before being mixed by Clem Bennett, mastered by Jacob Hedges and given artwork by Jaben Betz at Pineapple Stickers Art, “Songs About Mostly Pubs and Drugs Vol. 2” just so happens to be the debut EP from Sydney New South Wales Punk Rock trio

Review: “Vacuumed Half To Deaf” by Plants

An explosively energetic Punk Rock trio based in Sydney New South Wales, Plants are the kind of band who pull the pin out before handing you a grenade just for s***s and giggles, creating music with an Aussie sense of humour that falls between Blink 182 and My Latest Failure. They made their debut with