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NEWS: Ironstone suffer Insomnia in “Brave The Black”!

Ahead of the 26th October release of their new EP “The Place I Cannot Find” Melbourne Progressive Metal merchants Ironstone have unleashed a third single and ode to insomnia suffered by vocalist Dan Charlton titled “Brave The Black“. It’s one of six to make the grade this time out including “Mr. Struggle” and “Shiny Things” as

Review: “Prophecy” by Crowen

It has been 15 long months since Tampere Finland based, Folk influenced Melodic Death Metal band Crowen made their intensions known with their first single “In Arms“. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Esa Uusimaa who is known for his work with bit Rain of Acid, and in the live arena formerly Wolfheart in 2019, he’s joined

NEWS: Crowen get shrouded in darkness?

Originally started as a solo project of the guitarist singer and founder of Rain of Acid, Esa Uusimaa, Crowen will this weekend release their debut EP “Prophecy” more than a year after the first single released under the moniker. The idea for the project was created by Uusimaa’s inspiration to mix metal music with industrial

NEWS: Ironstone admit to struggles…

Also offering a few theatrical nods in their music video are fellow Melbourne natives Ironstone who have opted for the crushed red velvet curtains as part of the aesthetic for their music video for new single “Mr. Struggle“, the first new material since their well received 2020 EP “Prophecy“. They love a bit of DJent

NEWS: Crowen fulfill the prophecy?

Founded by Esa Uusimaa (Rain of Acid, Ex-Wolfheart) in 2019, Finnish folk influenced Melodic Death Metal quartet Crowen have taken their time to see their vision come to fruition and after 2020 stand alone single “In Arms” they have inked a deal with Inverse Records for debut EP “Prophecy” to be released on 10th December

NEWS: Ironstone feel “Hollow”?

Australian Progressive Metallers Ironstone have brought a third single from their May released EP “Prophecy” to us with a music video for “Hollow“. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Themelco (Death Angel, Wartooth) of Monolith Studios, you can snap up the DJent fueled offering over at bandcamp. The band comment: “We’re thrilled to present ‘Hollow’, the

NEWS: Prophecy premier “Foreseen Scriptures” video!

…the title track from the Fort Worth Texan’s Prophecy that opens their latest Brutal Death Metal offering “Foreseen Scriptures” has been given the full music video treatment by Obscenery Films as it approaches it’s first anniversary next month. Before that happens, guitarist James Parks II will be celebrating his 50th Birthday as the band return

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Helmet.

Formed in 1989, Alternative Metal act Helmet have had just one consistent member in 31 years, the almighty Page Hamilton. Immortalised by the Evergreen Terrace track “Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Page Hamilton” it was their second studio album in 1992 entitled “Meantime” which has become their most influential, largely in its wake. The album

NEWS: Prophecy want to see you “Buried In Brimstone”!

July saw “Foreseen Scriptures” by Fort Worth Texas Brutal Death Metallers Prophecy drop and now they’ve returned with a music video for one of its stand out moments in “Buried In Brimstone“! They have also announced a pair of shows for 2020, a pair of official socks in their merch store (Christmas stocking fillers?!) and