NEWS: Crowen fulfill the prophecy?

Founded by Esa Uusimaa (Rain of Acid, Ex-Wolfheart) in 2019, Finnish folk influenced Melodic Death Metal quartet Crowen have taken their time to see their vision come to fruition and after 2020 stand alone single “In Arms” they have inked a deal with Inverse Records for debut EP “Prophecy” to be released on 10th December cover art that is reminiscent of Brandon Lee in The Crow. The first taste comes in music video form with “Exosus” being chosen for the purpose…

Vocalist and guitarist Esa Uusimaa comments: “Exosus, is one of the first songs I have composed for Crowen. I have been working on new songs during this year. Due to these new songs, this new single almost didn’t make it to the EP-release. The song has a massive beginning, blast beat sweeps the listener away. Strings bring wistfulness to the song, making the sound melodic and brutal at the time. The songwriter Nina K√§rki was inspired by a story of a hated person. The catching melody flows throughout the song and growl vocals tie the song together

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