Review: “Prophecy” by Crowen

It has been 15 long months since Tampere Finland based, Folk influenced Melodic Death Metal band Crowen made their intensions known with their first single “In Arms“. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Esa Uusimaa who is known for his work with bit Rain of Acid, and in the live arena formerly Wolfheart in 2019, he’s joined by bassist Aki Örni and drummer Teemu Hauta and while that single was originally slated for the bands debut EP, it has been cut adrift as standalone…

The folk influence and medieval aesthetic in the music videos is echoed with the sombre orchestrated opening “Her Words” which sees Mira Cibulka appear as a guest giving a spoken word narration as the band look to create atmosphere before driving their battering ram into “Seer’s Prophecy“, the effective title track of this first burnt offering. An unmistakeable powerhouse cut with bursts of blast beats and throat shredding accented vocals, that folk influence isn’t down to the band using any folk instruments but instead comes across in the way that some of the melodies have been created. “Submission” then cuts like a modern interpretation of early In Flames with Cibulka providing some beautiful clean and sing-a-long vocal parts to contrast Uusimaa while a synth underpinning bolsters the sound once again laced with Black Metal blast beats to give it a thunderously rounded Scandinavian feel soaked with spine tingling energy. A rise and fall opening to “Black” gives it a Sea Shanty feel vibe, in part because of the majestic piano accompaniment and big melodic solo but the surprise is the clean vocal moments from Uusimaa who clearly has greater range than his unclean roars give him credit for. Bruising finale “Exosus” is a well rounded piece of this jigsaw and has bit of everything the other tracks have so would be an obvious single with folk inspired lead guitar melodies supported by solid rhythmic battery and even a neat breakdown part before the break back for one final verse. As a debut this is highly accomplished record with four absolute stand out instant classics that would grace any album by any bigger name, a treasure chest that contains all promise of a future so bright it would burn your retinas [8.5/10]

Track listing

1. Her Words (ft. Mira Cibulka)
2. Seer’s Prophecy
3. Submission (ft. Mira Cibulka)
4. Black
5. Exosus

Prophecy” by Crowen is out 10th December 2021 via Inverse Records and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp

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