NEWS: Ironstone suffer Insomnia in “Brave The Black”!

Ahead of the 26th October release of their new EP “The Place I Cannot Find” Melbourne Progressive Metal merchants Ironstone have unleashed a third single and ode to insomnia suffered by vocalist Dan Charlton titled “Brave The Black“. It’s one of six to make the grade this time out including “Mr. Struggle” and “Shiny Things” as the band look to build on the momentum of 2020 EP “Prophecy“.

Dan Charlton comments: “We always try to write about relatable things and I think everybody has experienced this at some point. An ongoing battle with sleep can be devastating and really mess up your life. Brave The Black is about dreading that nightly struggle in the dark and the range of emotions you feel when you can’t get to sleep, like desperation, anxiety, and worrying about how you’ll cope the next day. ”

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