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Playthrough: “Mass Hypnosis” from Sepultura!

Another musician going through his archives is Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande. He’s shared this dedicated drum cam footage of himself performing a classic in “Mass Hypnosis” from a show in the bands home city of San Paulo Brazil. That took place on 12th July 2019 and is completely editing free, while the bands 2021 tour

Playthrough: “Agony Of Defeat” by Sepultura!

Returning to one of his personal favourite songs from the bands current album “Quadra“, Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has unveiled a drum playthrough video for “Agony Of Defeat”, created with the help of a new app called Moises. That was used to remove the original drums so he could play along, trigger, sample and editing

Bootleg: “Machine Messiah” from Sepultura!

Koko in London on 18th March 2018 saw San Paulo Brazil Thrash legends Sepultura take the stage on the “Machine Messiah” tour. Their fourteenth studio album recorded with Jens Bogren (Soilwork, Opeth, At The Gates) at Fascination Street Studios, a concept release about the robotization of our society nowadays is a powerful piece and here’s

Playthrough: “The Heretic Anthem” from Sepultura!

Your eyes do not deceive you! As part of an advert for the Drum App “Moises“, which allows you to extract the drum sound from any song, Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has recorded a playthrough video for “The Heretic Anthem” by Slipknot. The video itself has no audio editing, no samples and no triggers and

Playthrough: “Isolation” from Sepultura!

Finally the wait is over for 2003’s “Roorback” by Sepultura to surface for air on Spotify. An album that features the brilliance that is “Mind War“, it literally was a roar back from a beast to defy the critics who claimed the Brazilian Thrash Gods were washed up. Seventeen years on and the band unleashed

Playthrough: “Sworn Oath” from Sepultura!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Sepultura sticksman Eloy Casagrande performing “Sworn Oath” in Dublin Ireland on 15th March 2018, from his personal archive has surfaced. The song appears in original form on the bands fourteenth studio album “Machine Messiah” which has reached its fourth anniversary milestone. Sadly as yet there is no UK date on

Playthrough: “Slaves Of Pain” by Sepultura!

Following the welcome news earlier that this week that Nuclear Blast will be releasing a full album of some of the collaborations of the Sepultura “Quadra” series at some point in the not to distant future, drummer Eloy Casagrande has returned to “Slaves Of Pain” for a playthough of his own. The audio was recorded

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #29 from Sepultura!

“Slaves of Pain” with DragonForce bassist Frédéric Leclercq and Marcello Pompeu from Korzus? It can only be episode #29 of the Sepultura “Quadra” series. This week sees the band doing a fan Q&A before that song as the continue to rack up the performances with friends, peers and fans in impressive style.

Playthrough: “Battery” from Sepultura!

Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande pays homage to Bay Area Thrash Kings Metallica with this dedicated drum cam playthrough video for one of their fans favourites from, for us, an album which remains their finest work in “Master of Puppets“. No audio samples, no editing, no triggers, this is an as live performance with a slightly

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #28 from Sepultura!

The 28th episode of the now bi-weekly “Quadra” interview series from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura sees the band joined by Matt Heafy of Trivium for a rehearsal style rendition of “Slave New World“, which the Florida Metallers covered a few years back and must go down as not only a treat for our ears but