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NEWS: Sepultura give new life to “Apes Of God”!

It has to be said that “Roorback” was the album that began the revival for Sepultura after two albums that had some good songs but were more inconsistent. Joined by Rob Cavestany from Death Angel, they’ve recut the previously released video from the SepulQuatra sessions for “Apes Of God” which will appear on the bands

Listmania: 10 Years of “Kairos” by Sepultura!

It’s been a little while since we did one of these but as 2021 sees not only the 20th Anniversary of the second Sepultura album with Derrick Green and their last with Roadrunner Records but also the 10th Anniversary of their album “Kairos“, we’ve decided to go over the second half of the bands life

Interview: Frédéric Leclercq talks Sepultura!

As the countdown to the rescheduled live shows from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura continues, they’ve shared an interview with Kreator and Sinsaenum bassist Frédéric Leclercq in which he shares not only his love for the band but also why he joined them on their upcoming guest filled album. But that’s not all as drummer Eloy Casagrande

Interview: Sepultura talk “Sepulquatra” with Heavy New York!

Ahead of their upcoming compilation album “Sepulquatra” which features the Brazilian Thrash Gods joined by a guest musician on every track, frontman Derek Green spoke to Heavy New York in this new interview. The topics of discussion then stray from the path into what it’s like having Eloy Casagrande in the band, the 20th anniversary

Bootleg: Sepultura at Wacken in 2018!

We could argue long into the night over a bottle of Bourbon around a campfire about which Sepultura songs qualify as bonefide classics but with this portion of the Brazilian Thrash Gods set at the Bullhead City Circus at Wacken in 2018, the organizers have expressed their opinion. To be fair, they wouldn’t be too

Bootleg: Sepultura at Wacken!

Celebrating the last decade of aggression, the organisers of Wacken Open Air Festival have shared a full pro-shot set from Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura in 2011. The set comes as the band have announced that they will be releasing a quarantine collaboration album on 13th August titled “SepulQuarta” that will see the bands collaborations with

Playthrough: “Resistant Parasites” from Sepultura!

Dug out from the archives of a show in Dublin Ireland on 15th March 2018, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Eloy Casagrande performing “Resistant Parasites“. The original version of which appears on the 2017’s “Machine Messiah” and should be in set when Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura arrive upon our shores for a quartet of

Interview: Sepultura on Party Time, Excellent!

For those unfamiliar, the frontwoman of Moldova’s finest Metal export Infected Rain Lena Scissorhands has been hosting a series of interviews on her YouTube channel Bananas under the Party Time Excellent! slogan that was the mantra by Bill and Ted. The latest episode in that series sees her chat to Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green about all

Playthrough: “Autem” from Sepultura!

Continuing to show how good the Moises AI app is by allowing you to remove other instruments in order to play along, Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande has given us a playthrough video for “Autem” from the Brazilian Thrash Gods current album “Quadra” with a little help from Otavio Rossato and Estevam Romera who assisted with

NEWS: Sepultura escape Isolation for Skull Island!

Having postponed their North American tour, Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura have announced a run upon our shores with both Sacred Reich and Crowbar as they look to take the impressive “Quadra” on the road for the first time after “Isolation” was the first single to make their live set at Rock In Rio. The shows are