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NEWS: Rabea and Plini combine for “Giving 6”!

When he’s not galavanting around the World playing guitars in Leo Moracchioli’s Frog Leap Live outfit, his own Progressive Instrumental trio Toska or doing gear demos, Rabea Massaad is going some bat s*** crazy stuff of his own. Neural DSP asked him to collaborate with fellow guitar God Plini using their Archtype Plugins and Massaad

Interview: Frog Leap talk to WaterBear!

The Multinational Frog Leap live band masterminded by Leo Moracchioli and featuring Rabea Massaad of Toska fame dropped in on Brighton during a recent run of live shows. While they were there they were interviewed by Greg Walton at the WaterBear College of Music, an interview which has now surfaced online. Inspiring the next generation

NEWS: Frog Leap Studios take on Weezer!

And while on the subject of covers, who can forget the classic Weezer cut “Buddy Holly” from the blue album which saw the band play the track on the set of classic sitcom Happy Days in the video? Another one for Toska guitarist Rabea Massaad to lick his lips at playing live like a hungry

NEWS: Frog Leap into the air tonight!

It’s been done before and no doubt it will be done again because it’s a classic. Who doesn’t remember the Gorilla drumming along to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins? Nonpoint delivered an on point, modernization of the song a few years back and this week sees Leo Moracchioli put his Frog Leap Studios

Playthrough: “Pokémon” from Frog Leap!

We were lucky enough to see Rabea Massaad back in the day when he was simply a drummer. Having ruined his knee in a skateboard accident, he took up guitar and the rest is history as he now plays in Toska, Dorje and Frog Leap. In a flashback to better times, he’s thrown out this

NEWS: Frog Leap premier live video for “Zombie”!

Splicing together footage from various venues during the Frog Leap European tour trek that lead to the live album, Leo Moracchioli has dropped a music video for a cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries. Frog Leap live guitarist Rabea Massaad handled the audio mix while taking some time off from is day job in Toska.

Documentary: How to get Guitar tones like Gojira!

In probably the longest running saga since ‘The Walking Dead‘ Rabea Massaad of Toska fame is joined by Matt from Andertons Music to get together a rig to sound like Gojira without any form of budgetary concerns. As NASA watch on with envy, the pair take on the roles of Christian Andreu and Joe Duplaintier

Documentary: Frog Leap Live Summer Festival Tour!

Featuring footage from their European Festival run spliced together in some crazy mad way, including footage from their Wacken set and guitarist Rabea Massaad of Toska fame on the kit, Frog Leap Studios have released a documentary. Perhaps it’s more of a bootleg? A montage? It’s too early for long words. Leo is on top

Documentary: Home Studio with Rabea Massaad!

Taking to the stage next weekend at Radar Festival in Guildford Surrey will be Brighton Instrumental Progressive Metal trio Toska. Guitarist Rabea Massaad, who also plays in Dorje and Frog Leap Live has been busy of late, moving house and expanding his home studio! Take the tour of the empire with this new documentary. Fancinating