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Review: “Ravens Call” by Obscure Fate

Initially formed as the solo project of guitarist and songwriter Kaleva Kovalainen in Paltamo, Finland thirteen long years ago, Obscure Fate has since grown Melodic Death Metal wings and become a fully fledged beast with Tapio Härkönen (Vocals), Jari Keränen (Drums), Joni Moisanen (Guitars, Backup Vocals) and lastly Antti Möttönen (Bass) all joining the cult

NEWS: Obscure Fate shelter from the “Black Moon”!

Originally formed as a solo project by guitarist and songwriter Kaleva Kovalainen in Paltamo Finland back in 2008, Obscure Fate are now a quintet with a new single “Black Moon” taken from their upcoming EP “Raven’s Call” out today. If it’s an April fools joke, then it’s certainly an elaborate one as the EP is set to