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NEWS: Reflections offer up new standalone single “Scapegoat”!

Having recently shared an alternative version of “Vain Words From Empty Minds” from a companion piece to their 2013 album “Exi(s)t“, Twin Cities Minnesota DJentlemen Reflections have taken the left hand path once more and premiered a brand new song. Describing it as being standalone, unorthodox and their most progressive work to date, “Scapegoat” the

Review: “Torment” by Wretched Tongues

Hailing from Manchester New Hampshire, Technical Deathcore collective Wretched Tongues have been trying our patience since 2017 EP “Burial Grounds“, regularly releasing fresh material with 2022 debut album “Ulter Praefinitum” the kind of thing the crazies warn you about. You casually ignore them only to check it out in quiet moment and get subjected to

NEWS: Wretched Tongues form a philharmonic?

Celebrating four fresh cuts bound and gagged in “Torment“, Manchester New Hampshire Technical Deathcore enthusiasts Wretched Tongues have shared an animated lyric video for “Death Orchestra“. The track is one of two to feature a guest vocal appearance, with Adam Warren of Oceano lending his throat while Jake Wolf of Reflections makes his presence felt

The Black Map #234: Eyes Of A Nihilist from Peterborough!

Nihilism. A family of views and philosophies that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence such as social institutions, religion and morality… Which has to be the shortest definition known to man of a very broad subject but essential for the understanding of the concept that Peterborough Progressive Thrall act Eyes Of A

NEWS: Litost return with “White Rabbit”!

1967 was the year that Jefferson Airplane wrote and performed “White Rabbit” and fifty five years later Wisconsin Alternative Metal act  Litost have released a cover version to break what has been a long silence as the band approaches a decade having begun as a solo project. It’s their first new material since 2020 album

Playthrough: “Gluttony” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Ahead of their run with Reflections and Cabal in April Humanity’s Last Breath mastermind Buster Odeholm has dropped a guitar playthrough for “Glutton” from the bands most recent offering “Valde” via Neural DSP. He’s using the Fortin Nameless Suite and a Hapas Judge 628 Humanity’s Last Breath custom guitar tuned in E, B, E, A,

Documentary: Studio Build with Carcosa!

A few days after Vancouver Canada Deathcore collective Carcosa (ex-Galactic Pegasus, Angelmaker) dropped a full length album in “Anthology“, guitarist Andrew Baena takes us on a front to back tour of what it’s like to get a new place and build a home studio in a long gestating documentary that offers a real insight into

Review: “Lost” by Soothsayer

Hailing from Abilene Texas are Soothsayer, a Metalcore collective who started out in 2019 as the project of vocalist Justin Puente and his wife, drummer Kali Puente alongside guitarist Hunter Haralson. They were soon joined by bassist Tim Hinojosa and second guitarist Josh Westerman before recording EP “Lost” with Luke Garrigus at Blackroom studios, who

NEWS: Reflections see only black in the mirror…

How do you make something that is already Earth shatteringly heavy sound even heavier? The answer to that one is to get Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta fame to mix and mastered your cut at Impact Studios. He’s done exactly that for new cut “Noir” from Reflections and it can’t be a coincidence that

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath postpone until April 2022!

Like everyone else, Humanity’s Last Breath have been forced to move their European headlining tour trek back, this time by 12 months to from April 2021 to April 2022. That means that Black Tongue will no longer be able to join them for the run however the good news is that Reflections will be replacing them