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NEWS: NecroticGoreBeast issue a warning…

We may need to build an underground bunker to protect ourselves from the sonic excess in its purest form as Canadian blast masters NecroticGoreBeast are set to return with their third album “Repugnant” on 3rd November via Comatose Music. High calibre guest vocal appearances from Matt McGachy of Cryptopsy and Jonathan Huber of Bludgeoned are promised

Review: “Tales To Horrify” EP by Opposition Party

Singapore’s longest living crossover punk thrashers Opposition Party returned in November 2019 with a four-track EP entitled “Tales To Horrify”. Horror-comic retro-style cover art from the legendary Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Nuclear Assault), a guest appearance from Simon Wizen of Swedish Black Metallers Valkyrja (who contributed a guest guitar solo on the track “Living Dead Island“)