Review: “Tales To Horrify” EP by Opposition Party

Singapore’s longest living crossover punk thrashers Opposition Party returned in November 2019 with a four-track EP entitled “Tales To Horrify”. Horror-comic retro-style cover art from the legendary Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Nuclear Assault), a guest appearance from Simon Wizen of Swedish Black Metallers Valkyrja (who contributed a guest guitar solo on the track “Living Dead Island“) and mixing and mastering by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Desultory, Portrait, Repugnant) make it an interesting affair from a band who’s sole original member Francis Frightful is known for his unmistakable throaty barks.

A classic B-Movie horror film spoken word opens up “Ancient Horror” before it dives headlong into an 80s Thrash riff fest with bass heavy tones and a purposefully raw production that gives it live feel. The ancient horror Jan never given a name but the mental imagery conjured by the lyrics portrays the dead climbing from their graves. “Evil Paradise” is your classic hold on to your hats boys, let’s see who can play the fastest moment the band rip through the track like a sandstorm in the desert, raising hell. Having multiple voices on the track makes all the difference as with each one having its own tone and pitch means there is a lot going on. It’s blisteringly good fun. “Living Dead Island (Zombie II)” keeps up that high energy output with a Pizza Thrash feel of an old school black and white horror film and in your face attitude. The whammy bar solos are spot on as they skillfully avoid over working it and that bass jam back into the main riff that follows it is awesome. Unrelenting hundred mile an hour fuzz riffs bring “Parasitical” home with a Hardcore Punk vibe and barked hell vocal. It’s a call to arms and the raging solo would make Municipal Waste proud before the battering ram closing [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Ancient Horror
  2. Evil Paradise
  3. Living Dead Island (Zombie II) (ft. Simon Wizen of Valkyrja)
  4. Parasitical

“Tales To Horrify” by Opposition Party is out now via Pulverised Records and available over at bandcamp

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