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NEWS: Mirzadeh get lost in the static?

Do you ever feel like you rushed something or it wasn’t as good as it could have been but feel just short of regret? Returning to “Lost“, a single released in 2014 for their “Desired Mythic Pride” album, Finnish Melodic Death Metallers Mirzadeh have had Jarkko Niemi from Gnarled Productions re-edit the video originally created

Review: “Sauna” by Mirzadeh

A band hailing from frozen land of Alaj√§rvi in Finland who celebrated 20 years together with a new EP in “Sauna“, Mirzadeh have had a sporadic history with often years between gigs and albums, however with each return that have proven their quality. Despite an appearance at Kaamos Metal Festival in 2016, you have to

NEWS: Mizadeh return with “Rotten Sights”!

Finnish Blackened Thrash act Mirzadeh have set New Years Day for the release of their album “Sauna” and having already provided us with a music video for the title track, they have returned with another one for “Rotten Sights“. The quartet have made something of a tradition of having long waits between their albums over