NEWS: Mizadeh return with “Rotten Sights”!

Finnish Blackened Thrash act Mirzadeh have set New Years Day for the release of their album “Sauna” and having already provided us with a music video for the title track, they have returned with another one for “Rotten Sights“. The quartet have made something of a tradition of having long waits between their albums over their 20 year career with “Ancient Rites” in 2003 followed by “The Creatures of Loviatar” three years later before an eight year wait for 2014’s “Desired Mythic Pride

The band comment: “Sauna is the anchor of Finnish culture and mind landscape. Nature, alcohol, pagan and Perkele – these are the elements that became Sauna. According to Procopius the sun gave forth its light without brightness, like the moon, during this whole year, and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear nor such as it is accustomed to shed. And from the time when this thing happened men were free neither from war nor pestilence nor any other thing leading to death. Rotten Sights.”

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