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Spotlight: “Scales And Details” track by track with Somehow Jo!

Breaking down their new album “Scales And Details” to discuss the meaning behind their lyrics are Finnish Progressive Metal band Somehow Jo. Their third in all, it’s one for which the music was largely taken from the best ideas selected from jam sessions, while the lyrical narrative deals with subjects such as depression, blaming others

NEWS: Three times a charm for Somehow Jo?

That shouldn’t really be a question but a statement as Finnish Progressive Metallers Somehow Jo have shared a music video for the finest cut from their freshly released album “Scales And Details“, the irony being that it’s actually not an obvious single. Bending the rules of song writing in a similar way to Italians Destrage,

Review: “Scales And Details” by Somehow Jo

Initially formed in 2009 by Sakari Karjalainen (Guitar) and Christian SaurĂ©n (Guitar, Vocals) it wasn’t until 2013 that Finnish Progressive Metal act Somehow Jo took its final form when Lassi Peiponen (Drums) and Eero Aaltonen (Bass, Vocals) joined the band. Taking two years to write and record their debut album and work on their chemistry,

NEWS: third time lucky for Somehow Jo?

A third single from the forthcoming third album of Finnish Progressive Metal act Somehow Jo has surfaced in “Cycle“. Their fresh approach to the genre has seen them cross catchy grooves with eclectic brutality. Interesting rhythms combined with a clean and harsh vocals that discuss depression, not getting forward in life, failing and finding the

NEWS: Somehow Jo unveil second single “Fata Morgana”!

Bending the song writing rules with their brand of Progressive Metal to incorporate catchy grooves, eclectic brutality, interesting rhythms and od course both clean and harsh vocals are the stock in trade of Somehow Jo who have already gained comparisons with System Of A Down, Mastodon and Destrage. Hailing from Tampere, Finland they will be