Spotlight: “Scales And Details” track by track with Somehow Jo!

Breaking down their new album “Scales And Details” to discuss the meaning behind their lyrics are Finnish Progressive Metal band Somehow Jo. Their third in all, it’s one for which the music was largely taken from the best ideas selected from jam sessions, while the lyrical narrative deals with subjects such as depression, blaming others for your problems, not getting forward in life, failing and finding a path to overcome the obstacles in your way…

Fata Morgana: “The song experiences a dry season before an uncontrollable storm that will change everything. One of the fastest songs on the album, exploring human life on a larger scale. Time is limited for everyone”

Friend: “What happens when the burning pain in the soul is taking over? You know you can’t escape it by running, but you’re still trying. How far can you go alone?”

Cycle: “An example of a youngsters thoughts on the power that rules the world. Is the truth found by drawing a straight line between A and B? Is everything so black and white?”

Spin: “A small voice inside your head that tells you you can’t do it. A small sound gets bigger when you give it power and eventually it can close the door you want to walk through”

RUSH: “A thesis about when you stop for the first time and realize how beautiful a moment can be right now”

When It Falls:Like ants, we build our lives until some higher power takes away what we have worked so hard on. All that remains is the doctrine that has been acquired. Using it, you can start building again

Getaway: “When it feels like there are too many opinions, too many words, too many people in the world. You want to disappear for a moment, take a break and go on an getaway”

Rising Sun:When you meet a someone whose presence you feel even if you don’t see them. Even if the whole globe is between you and it is uncertain when you will meet again, if you meet. However, the feeling remains strong. The feeling sometimes resembles the power of the sun and sometimes a mist like sleep”

Mirror:The solution for so many problems can be found way closer than we realize to look from. The closing track of the album, which gives a clear promise of the future…”

Scales And Details” by Somehow Jo is out now via Inverse Records and is of course available over at bandcamp

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