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NEWS: It’s all lilac for Monasteries in Belgium?

Currently tearing up the road in support of Within Destruction the premier of a new single is just what Monasteries lovers were crying out for so not to disappoint the Seek & Strike Records singings have unveiled “Lilac“. The only question that’s left is if the band will include it in their set when they

NEWS: Within Destruction and Monasteries join forces in April!

This time next month Slamming Deathcore giants Within Destruction will be reducing a venue near you to rubble with support from Monasteries as the pair play cuts from “Yokai” and “Silence” across the length and breadth of Skull Island. The band with the deathwish will then head over to Australia and the US for a summer

Playthrough: “The Amygdala Chorus” from Monasteries!

As the three year anniversary of their debut EP “Pulmonary Failure” has been reached, Monasteries have returned to “The Amygalda Chorus” for a one take vocal performance. Rising from the wake of influences in Tony Danza and The Acacia Strain the Technical Deathcore brutes are preparing for the festive season in style, having given “Digital

Playthrough: “Digital Suicide” from Monasteries!

How about another one of those one take vocal performances? This one is from Josh Davies of Manchester Technical Deathcore homewreckers Monasteries who takes on “Digital Suicide” from the bands Seek & Strike Records (Upon A Burning Body, Exist Immortal) debut “Silence“. That little beauty was was mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio

Playthrough: “We Came And You Were Silent” from Bloodbather!

Armed for the apocalypse with and ESP LTD  Black Metal tuned in Drop C, laced with Ernie Ball strings gauging from 11 to 52, Bareknucle Warpig Ceramic Bridge pickups and connected to the STL Tonality all-in-one Guitar Plug-in Suite developed exclusively with the Signature Guitar sound of none other than Will Putney (Fit For An

NEWS: Bloodbather rise from silence!

South Florida Deathcore collective Bloodbather have returned with a cut in “We Came And You Were Silent” that marks their first since last years well received EP “Silence“, the accompanying music video for which comes with a flashing images seizure warning. If you’re looking for schizophrenically chaotic shifts, skull battering breakdowns and Post Nu-Metal sickness

Review: “Silence” by Monasteries

The rise of Manchester Technical Deathcore five piece Monasteries since their 2018 offering “Pulmonary Failure” was cemented by the surprise news that they had inked a deal with Seek & Strike records, the label home of Upon A Burning Body, Exist Immortal and Orbit Culture to name but a few for this release. That has

NEWS: Monasteries await the Midnight hour…

“2 minutes to midnight, The hands that threaten doom, 2 minutes to midnight, To kill the unborn in the womb” Oh wait. Wrong song… with pre-orders available here, Monasteries have announced 23rd April will see their sophomore EP “Silence” drop via Seek & Strike Records. A third single as popped complete with music video and

Playthrough: “Erase” from Bloodbather!

…with the exception of The Acacia Strain, our vote for the heaviest band on the Rise Records roster goes to Bloodbather. They’ve let guitarist Salem Vex out of the Chamber of Secrets to record a playthrough video for “Erased” from their new EP “Silenced” using an ESP LTD Black Metal with Bareknuckle Warpig Ceramic Bridge

Review: “Silence” by Bloodbather

A few years back the bands who had albums released via Rise Records had a signature sound and while that has been something broken with the likes of The Acacia Strain signing for the label, it still makes us raise an eyebrow when we hear that a band of the nature of Broward County California’s