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Review: “Sleeps Society” by While She Sleeps

It seems like it has been being hyped forever all over the interweb but the fifth studio album “Sleeps Society” from Sheffield Metalcore outfit While She Sleeps is finally upon us and after the brilliance of 2017’s “You Are We“, the curve ball of 2019’s “So What?” makes this one something of an intriguing prospect.

Playthrough: “You Are All You Need” from While She Sleeps!

With fifth album “Sleeps Society” out next weekend via Spinefarm Records, guitarist Sean Long has taken a minute to give us a playthrough video for “You Are All You Need” from the record on a custom Charvel guitar using EMG Pickups, 57/66, D’addario Strings and Marshall Amps in Drop D tuning (DADGBE) and incase you

NEWS: While She Sleeps get “Nervous” for Simon Neil?

Not content with his first vocal appearance on “Goliath” on the new Architects record “For Those Who Wish To Exist“, Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has now lent his voice to the new single from Sheffield Metalcore heroes While She Sleeps new single “Nervous“. One born of the bands own experiences and Mental Health struggles,

NEWS: While She Sleeps premier new song and Q&A!

When its simply not good to just release a music video for a new single, how do you step it up? If you’re Sheffield Metalcore merchants While She Sleeps, you do a live Q&A at the same time as the premier. That new single is “You Are All You Need“, the latest from their upcoming

NEWS: While She Sleeps edit “Sleeps Society”!

Being a bit less anti-social, Sheffield Metalcore crew While She Sleeps have released an edited version of their music video for the title track of their new album “Sleeps Society” which cuts out the long form aspects and cuts straight to the track itself. The album is due for a 16th April 2021 appearance with

Documentary: While She Sleeps film making series #1!

As Sheffield Metalcore heroes While She Sleeps build up to their latest offering “Sleeps Society“, the band turned bassist Aaran McKenzie to talk about his time invested in making films in part #1 of a series that is sponsored by Zhiyun. It goes without saying that having the ability within your band to do your