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Bootleg: “The Edge Of Violence” from Solitary!

A third track cut from the freshly released DVD+CD package “XXV Live At Bloodstock” from Thrash Metal lords Solitary has surfaced in “The Edge Of Violence“. One that takes pride of place on the bands 2017 album “The Diseased Heart Of Society“, it highlights the horrors victims of domestic violence suffer every day with this

NEWS: Solitary get tempted once again?

If the title of the track was switched with the band name we’d have a running joke but we’re going to brush that one under the carpet and simply say that from the revisited limited edition 2019 EP “XXV” that has been remixed by Mike Bew (Cancer) and remastered by Martin Buchwalter (Accuser, Destruction, Tankard) to accompany their “Live at

Bootleg: “Trigger Point Atrocity” from Solitary!

Releasing via Metalville Records on 22nd April the upcoming live CD+DVD package from time honoured Thrashers Solitary titled “ XXV Live At Bloodstock” is a feast for the senses and has been coupled with a re-release of their 2019 EP “XXV” which only saw a limited run the first time around. That featured a trio

NEWS: Solitary to revolt and pillage in June!

At long last thrash kings Solitary are back on the road around the UK! This June will see the enduring riff masters celebrating both their last studio album, The Truth Behind The Lies and new live extravaganza XXV Live At Bloodstock out 22nd April via Metalville Records at select venues around the country. The tour will

NEWS: Solitary to release Bloodstock live DVD!

UK thrashers Solitary are set to release their stunning Bloodstock 2019 show as a superb CD + DVD package through Metalville Records on April 22nd, featuring the complete live show with bonus studio tracks and additional video footage. On Sunday 11th August 2019 Solitary took to the stage at the Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK and delivered a breathless, battering, glorious set of

NEWS: Solidarity get somber before the festive season!

Returning from a successful run of dates in deepest darkest Scotland, Thrash Overlords Solitary have shared a fifth music video in “The Dark…The Resilient” from their latest album “The Truth Behind The Lies“. The most compelling video that the band have shot so far, the cut deals with the life changing consequences of driving whilst under

Bootleg: “Abominate” from Solitary!

A major player in the UK Thrash scene and now signed to German rock and metal powerhouse Metalville Records, Solitary dropped fourth album “The Truth Behind The Lies“, created together with producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost) and one of the highlights of the a year spend in lockdown in 2020. Cut from their

NEWS: Solitary march against the “Spawn Of Hate”!

Taking the opportunity while their new album “The Truth Behind The Lies” is still fresh, Solitary have chosen the high velocity closer of that record which wakes you up faster than you bed being shoved out the window of the 30th story of a Manhattan Hotel room window for a performance style music video. Front

NEWS: Solitary seek Catharsis?

Solitary have unveiled a third music video from their incredible new album “The Truth Behind The Lies” and used the cold fury of “Catharsis” to shine a spotlight on the plight of the homeless in modern day Britain. A feast of uncompromising riffs and irresistible hooks, the album is yet another highlight from one of

Exclusive Interview: Solitary talk “The Truth Behind The Lies”!

“I’d like to think that the last thing that went through his head other than the bullet was how the hell Solitary got the best of him…” Richard Sherrington (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Gareth Harrop (Bass), Andy Mellor (Lead Guitar) and Roy Miller (Drums) are Solitary, a major player in the UK Thrash Metal scene