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NEWS: Teitan find inner tormented space?

Featuring a guest appearance from guitarist Rami Wohl, Dutch psychotic and experimental Black Metal solo project Teitan have shared a new single titled “Uni Versum“. In keeping with the traditions of the second wave of the genre, the single is the first from Cthuluminati vocalist and guitarist Devi Hisgen since last year’s EP “Vákuum” which

NEWS: Teitan endure the grinding of teeth!

Three weeks after releasing the EP “Vákuum“, Teitan have shared a music video for the ongoing ‘The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time’. A production by Drain Hope that suits the chaotic style of the Rotterdam, Netherlands based raw Black Metal solo project from Devi Hisgen, so if you enjoy what you bare witness

Review: “Vákuum” by Teitan

Originally formed by Cthuluminati vocalist and guitarist Devi Hisgen alongside Damon Bergkotte in 2009, after releasing a very raw and obscure demo called “Dark Ritual“, Bergkotte stepped aside and Teitan seemed to die its death. After years of encouragement with the pair remaining friends a decade on Hisgen reignited the flames of the funeral pyre