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Listmania: 5 of Hatebreed’s finest to celebrate 25 years!

Hardcore legends of modern times Hatebreed will be rolling into town for a pair of shows with Broken Teeth and Dysncarnate this weekend as part of their 25th Anniversary World Tour. So we figured it was time for a listmania bunch of 5 tunes from them that you may have forgotten about that make them

Riff Police! Pull Over! #9: Hatebreed Vs Light The Fire!

It has to be said that Hatebreed have plenty of critics. Some say that they’re a cookie cutter hardcore band. Others say that Jamey Jasta has a lack of range as a frontman. Meh. What Hatebreed do deliver for the most part is mosh worthy music – and we would defy anyone to sit through an