Listmania: 5 of Hatebreed’s finest to celebrate 25 years!

Hardcore legends of modern times Hatebreed will be rolling into town for a pair of shows with Broken Teeth and Dysncarnate this weekend as part of their 25th Anniversary World Tour. So we figured it was time for a listmania bunch of 5 tunes from them that you may have forgotten about that make them great. The Bridgeport Connecticut natives have been around since 1994 with seven studio albums making them a force within the World’s of Hardcore and Heavy Metal. Frontman Jamie Jasta has his own solo band and was even a presenter on MTV Headbangers Ball.

1. First up it has to be “Before Dishonor”, probably the best known tune from their debut “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire” which dropped like an anvil on the scene to get their career off to a flying start.

2.  It was 5 years later in 2002 that the bands house hold name single “I Will Be Heard”, an anthem of gargantuan proportions appeared and took them to the World stage as a force to be recognised. It also took them to the xXx film soundtrack with Vin Diesel!

3. From the follow up album “The Rise of Brutality”, “This Is Now” is another phenomenal tune that reinforced Hatebreed’s status at the top of the Hardcore scene.

4. The return of the award winning Dale “Rage” Resteghini to the directors chair for the music video for “In Ashes They Shall Reap” was a master stroke. The bands fifth studio album and the one they finally called their self titled effort is a monster of Metallic Hardcore.

5. Last but not least “Put It To The Torch” from the bands “Divinity of Purpose” album sees the band switch to a more Hardcore driven sound with a heavier bass sound thanks to a team of Zeuss and Josh Wilbur at the production helm!

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