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NEWS: Tryglav mastermind in genre switch?

Because making music in Croatian Black Metal outfit Tryglav doesn’t seem to be quite enough, mastermind Boris Behara has shared a Death Metal single going by the name “I’m gonna fvkk your Mom“. Rakija and Beer may or may not have been consumed in the making of a music video for it and you might

Bootleg: “Deadline” from Tryglav!

If you thought you had escaped the ritual, then you were sadly mistaken as Black Metal collective Tryglav, masterminded by multi instrumentalist Boris Behara have shared a liveĀ  rendition of “Deadline” from The Netherlands. Taking pride of place on the bands 2019 album “Night Of Whispering Souls“, it cemetery the deal with Rockshots Records that

NEWS: Tryglav unleashes “The Ritual”!

Croatian one-man Black Metal act Tryglav, masterminded by multi instrumentalist Boris Behara with vocals entrusted to Callum Wright is celebrating the release of second full-length “The Ritual” built on Behara’s love for black metal and horror imagery. Released on 17th February via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records, it was mixed and mastered

NEWS: Tryglav premiers “The Evocation”!

A second burnt offering from Croatian Black Metal project Tryglav is on the way via Rockshots Records imprint label Extreme Metal Music on 17th February. The follow up to the 2019 debut “Night of Whispering Souls” is titled “The Ritual” and set in the 17th Century with all the music written by project mastermind Boris

NEWS: AntiMozdeBeast premier “Masquerade of Death”!

Citing influences from Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie and Skinny Puppy to name but a few, the next offering from Industrial Metal guru AntiMozdeBeast is on the horizon. Called “The Ritual” the solo project of Gabriel Palacio has given us “Masquerade of Death” with which to explore the psyche of an individual tormented by a