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Bootleg: Testament in Poland!

The titans of creation that are Thrash legends Testament were at Poland Rock Festival in 2019, caught on camera by Kreciola TV as they smashed through a set which took them from “Brotherhood of the Snake” through “Into The Pit” to “Alone In The Dark” and we’ve got no doubt that they’re itching to get

Bootleg: “Low” from Testament!

Dedicated to Savatage guitarist Criss Oliva, who died while Testament was working on the album, “Low” is the 1994 released sixth studio album from the Californian Thrash Metal veterans which of course features Death and Obituary guitarist James Murphy. Fast forward to 2017 and the band were on Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open

Interview: Testament talk to Banger TV!

Back in 2010 Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick and drummer Paul Bostaph were interviewed by Sam Dunn for Metal Evolution, one of the first interviews that Banger TV did for the series. As the Oakland California Thrash Kings have a new album out in “Titans Of Creation” via Nuclear Blast, they’ve revisited it with a new

Interview: Testament talk to Little Punk People!

Elliott Fullam from Little Punk People got in touch with Testament vocalist Chuck Billy to talk about the healing power of music, his love of TV shows like Six Feet Under, Golf and some of his favourite records. Their new long player “Titans Of Creation” is out now.  

Bootleg: “Children Of The Next Level” from Testament!

6th March on the Bay Area Strikes Back tour saw the live debut of “Children Of The Next Level” from the new Testament album “Titans Of Creation“. That was at The Forum in Kentish Town London and was filmed from the balcony and captures the Oakland California Thrash Kings at their finest. The album is

NEWS: Testament get animated!

It’s been four years since the return to form that is “Brotherhood Of The Snake” and finally Friday saw the arrival of “Titans Of Creation” from Oakland California Thrash Kings Testament. To celebrate the release they’ve shared an animated Adult Swim style video for “Children Of The Next Level” created by Balazs Grof.

Interview: Testament talk “Titans Of Creation”!

On their “The Bay Strikes Back” tour, which was cut cruelly short, The Metal Tris caught up with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick to talk about the “Titans of Creation”, which is released tomorrow via Nuclear Blast ¬†as well as his unlikely start in the world of photography! It is the highly anticipated follow up to

Interview: Testament talk “Titans Of Creation”!

It’s been a long four years between the return to form “Brotherhood of the Snake” and new album “Titans Of Creation” which will appear on 3rd April via Nuclear Blast after as many as four date push backs, according to vocalist Chuck Billy at least. In this latest interview, Testament guitarist Eric Peterson speaks to

Bootleg: Testament at Resurrection Fest 2019!

Outside of the Big Four of Thrash there are plenty who would argue that Testament, Exodus and Death Angel are contenders for places in the Big Ten. Testament have had more than their fair share of classic tracks and albums but in “Brotherhood of the Snake” they delivered one of their most consistent albums in

Bootleg: “Electric Crown” from Testament!

Featuring mixing and mastering by none other than Andy Sneap, you should already know that Oakland Thrash Titans Testament will be celebrating on 3rd of April as “Titans Of Creation” appears via Nuclear Blast. Filmed at Resurrection Fest in Spain in 2019, here’s “Electric Crown“. Pro-Shot in full technicolor.