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Bootleg: Fit For A King in Perth!

Also unveiling a new song to an unsuspecting audience in Perth were Fit For A King with the Americans returning to Australia for the first time since 2014. They choose for the purpose “Eyes Roll Back” and in this fan filmed footage it’s conjoined to “God Of Fire” as the Metalcore merchants continue to prove

Interview: Northlane talk “Obsidian” with Wall Of Sound!

The latest episode of the Wall Of Sound Virtual Hangs series sees journalist Ricky Aarons chat to Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge about the bands new album “Obsidian“, the themes and inspirations behind recent single “Carbonized” as well as the transition from 2019’s very well received “Alien” to the new record. What more could you possibly

Interview: Make Them Suffer talk new material with Wall Of Sound!

After making their live return for the first time at Full Tilt Festival in Melbourne Make Them Suffer took a momentary break in their post show celebrations so that frontman Sean Harmanis could talk to Paul ‘Browny’ Brown and Ricky Aarons from Wall Of Sound about debuting new tracks live for the first time, heavier

Interview: Polaris talk new material with Wall Of Sound!

There is no shame in admitting that the Great Plague years cost us a lot of shows and one of those would have been a headlining tour from Australian’s Polaris for their sophomore album “The Death Of Me“. In this new interview frontman Jamie Hails chats with Paul “Browny” Brown from Wall Of Sound backstage

Bootleg: “bleed4you” from Alpha Wolf!

Away from the talk of Novak Djokovic in Brisbane Australia on 15th January Nu-Metalcore Kings Alpha Wolf took to the stage at The Tivoli and welcomed on stage Lizi Blanco from The Beautiful Moment for “bleed4you” and caught on camera by Wall Of Sound. The song itself appeared in December in Lo-Fi remix version as

Interview: Volumes talk “Happier?” with Wall Of Sound!

It has to be said and no pun intended that Volumes are all together different animals in 2021 with the line up changes that have occurred in recent times, however their new album “Happier?” sounds very much like the band of old with original vocalist Michael Barr back on board. He spoke to Australian’s Wall

Interview: Every Time I Die talk “Radical” with Wall Of Sound!

Buffalo New Yorkers Every Time I Die should need absolutely no introduction at this point in their careers so all we need to say it is that Australia’s finest Wall Of Sound journalist Paul ‘Browny‘ Brown got talking to vocalist Keith Buckley about the bands new album “Radical“, their annual Tid The Season Festival and