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Bootleg: Reflections in Minnesota!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Leo Sypniewski has done us proud with another professionally mixed and mastered full live set. This time it’s Reflections who took to the stage in St. Paul Minnesota at Amsterdam Bar & Hall on 12th April and deliver a career spanning set. The band have an

NEWS: Reflections premier “Deva”!

While we impatiently wait for the arrival of their new EP “Shadow” another single from Relfections has emerged in “Deva”. Alongside that a music video has premiered which confirms that Calle Thomer of Vildhjarta and Humanity’s Last Breath fame  assisted with the writing on the new record. That of course makes perfect sense as Buster

NEWS: Reflections find themselves all alone…

A third and final single of 2023 from Minnesota Progressive Metalcore act Reflections has surfaced as the band prepare for a couple of months of shows at the turn of the year. Titled “Alone“, curiously it was originally written, recorded and pencilled in for an early 2022 arrival before the band revised it before deciding

NEWS: Reflections offer up new standalone single “Scapegoat”!

Having recently shared an alternative version of “Vain Words From Empty Minds” from a companion piece to their 2013 album “Exi(s)t“, Twin Cities Minnesota DJentlemen Reflections have taken the left hand path once more and premiered a brand new song. Describing it as being standalone, unorthodox and their most progressive work to date, “Scapegoat” the

NEWS: Reflections see only black in the mirror…

How do you make something that is already Earth shatteringly heavy sound even heavier? The answer to that one is to get Buster Odeholm of Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta fame to mix and mastered your cut at Impact Studios. He’s done exactly that for new cut “Noir” from Reflections and it can’t be a coincidence that

NEWS: Reflections lift the black veil on “Cicada”!

We didn’t think it was possible for Reflections to get much heavier or darker than their album “Willow” but clearly we were wrong judging by new single “Cicada” which sees a guest appearance from Calle Thomer (Vildhjarta, Humanitys Last Breath, Stoort Neer). There is one man who could make them heavier and they have turned

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Albums of 2020!

Probably the toughest category of our listmania awards series each year has to be the albums. These pages have had a daily review during the year of the Great Plague of 2020 and there have even been some occasions when there have been more than one. So that’s 365 plus records to consider, which is

Playthrough: “From Nothing” from Reflections!

The single that saw the return of Twin Cities Minnesota DJentlemen Reflections after four years in the wilderness in 2019 was “From Nothing“. A skull crushing affair that is a worthy follow up to their brilliant critically acclaimed 2015 album “The Color Clear“, it turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg with the equally

Playthrough: “Synthetics” from Reflections!

Back in February we reviewed “Willow“, the return after an almost 3 year hiatus from Twin Cities Minnesota DJentlemen Reflections and like a fine Wine, the band just gets darker, richer and more full bodied with age. Having already served up a couple of playthrough videos, they’ve returned with one for album opener “Synthetics“, filmed

Playthrough: “Empathy” from Reflections!

We were due to be seeing Minneapolis, Minnesota DJentlemen Reflections at Tech-Fest in just a couple of weeks time but… so here is an 8 string guitar playthrough of “Empathy” from their February drop “Willow“, mixed and mastered by Jeff Key which is available right now over at bandcamp. Visionist guitarist Matt Judd is going