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Playthrough: “Nightmare” from Within Destruction!

Having reduced venues to rubble during their whirlwind tour of the United Kingdom in April, Deathcore champions Within Destruction have returned to last months single “Nightmare” for a guitar playthrough video from their all powerful overlord Howard Fang. This one appears before their Australian tour with Signs Of The Swarm and Teeth that looks to

NEWS: Within Destruction suffer a new nightmare!

The age of “Yokai” has come to an end as Within Destruction once again spread their wings with a new nightmare on the eve of a EU/UK tour trek with fellow Technical Deathcore Heavy Hitters Monasteries. Those in sunny Brighton miss out due to a double booking at the venue which saw the show on

NEWS: Within Destruction and Monasteries join forces in April!

This time next month Slamming Deathcore giants Within Destruction will be reducing a venue near you to rubble with support from Monasteries as the pair play cuts from “Yokai” and “Silence” across the length and breadth of Skull Island. The band with the deathwish will then head over to Australia and the US for a summer

NEWS: Yokai prepare to “Immolate”!

They might share a band name with the title of a Within Destruction album but Japanese themed Deathcore merchants Yokai are looking put their own boot stamp on the genre with their upcoming album “Sacrificial“. Ahead of an August 5th show that will see the Detroit Michigan wrecking ball swing at The Sanctuary alongside Redlord,

NEWS: Within Destruction bring the Plague Of Immortality!

While they await getting the touring machine into action for their self released, Japanese culture soaked album “Yokai“, arguably one of the most brutal acts out of Slovenia in the Slamming Deathcore genre Within Destruction have gone back to 2016’s “Void” and remixed “Plague of Immortality“. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Federico Ascari and with

Review: “Self Titled” by Yokai

Strange and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore. Yokai is a combination of the characters 妖 (yō) — attractive, bewitching, calamity — and 怪 (kai) — mystery, wonder). That is the name that this Japanese themed Deathcore collective from Detroit Michigan have chosen for themselves. Formed in late 2018 by guitarist and programmer Jordan Lawrence and

NEWS: Yokai return with “Sacraficial”!

…with a meaty mix done by Michael Stellema at Broken Monolith Studios, Japanese themed Deathcore merchants Yokai have returned with “Sacraficial“. A brand new track that follows up their self titled EP from January 2020 which has on it the colossal “The One That Dwells“. You can snap that up over at bandcamp once you’ve

Playthrough: “Kings Of Darkness” from Within Destruction!

“Yokai” may have split fans like the parting of the Red Sea but with the band announcing a brutal tour with Sleep Waker, Bodysnatcher and Signs Of The Swarm. So in this brave new World which sees Deathcore titans Within Destruction fleeing the Slam Police and going independent of Unique Leader Records, how you find

Review: “Yokai” by Within Destruction

Life is about choices. Each choice that you make creates a fork in the road with a path that you went down and several that you could have just left as a possible subplot or piece of backstory that didn’t happen. Within Destruction have established themselves as one of the most brutal acts out of