Review: “From Day One” EP by Harmed

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary and signed to Famined Records, Harmed were formed in early 2017, it was a mere 7 months before the music video for “605” appeared. The EP however didn’t see release until December 2017.

Opener “IAM” is a short, dark and atmospheric piece that introduces the EP with buried electronics and programming before we’re thrown headlong into “Speechless/Deaf”. Gripping and dark unclean vocals are backed off by dark DJent guitars and buried electronics. Now the guitar work isn’t necessarily the Tech-Metal end of DJent, but more the breakdown side, reminisant of Emmure with Jesse Ketlive styled tones and scratch work. The immediacy of the pace and delivery is aided by “IAM”, which helps to set the tone before leading into chugging guitars and some intricate drum patterns. “Vetus” is then a slow burn that builds pace as it processes while also adding a cleaner unclean vocal layer during the chorus. The combination of darkness and controlled rage that touches on melody without fully embracing it works to stunning effect. The blugeoning of the guitar tone as the song brings to a close is something else. It should be noted that the band do not have a bassist in their lineup but the guitar tone of choice is clearly played with thicker gauge strings. “605” is a more Tech-Metal-DJent guitar tone with customary “Bleh!” thrown in for good measure. The song ups the pace to that of the EPs opening track, while It’s the longest track on “From Day One”, clocking in at 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Breakdowns are piled on breakdowns as the track moves through but then once again taking on the melody that was hinted at with “Vetus” to lift the listener up, before smashing them down on the rocks again with more gutteral vocals. “Not Myself” is a faster track with more electronics that brings Liverpool’s Loathe to mind. The chorus “I know I’m not myself..” repeated over and over is edgy, un-nerving and also a brilliant move. There has been a deliberate move in the EPs production to make the sound muddy, nothing sounds crisp or clear but then it’s not supposed to be. It’s very much like the music emerging from a white noise or electronic sound throughout, which gives it the charm of Loathe’s “Cold Sun” album. The future is definately bright for Harmed’s dark world. [7/10]

Vocals- Levente Spicze
Guitar- Balazs Keresztesi
Guitar- Gabor Toth
Drums- Mihaly Zsakay


1. IAM
2. Speechless/Deaf
3. Vetus
4. 605
5. Not Myself

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