NEWS: Lamb of God “Inherit The Earth”!

As many will know, Lamb of God are releasing a covers album entitled “Legion : XX” under their original moniker Burn The Priest to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The album will appear on 18th May and feature the following tracklisting;

1. Inherit The Earth – The Accused
2. Honey Bucket – Melvins
3. Kerosene – Big Black
4. Kill Yourself – S.O.D.
5. I Against I – Bad Brains
6. Axis Rot – Sliang Laos
7. Jesus Built My Hotrod – Ministry
8. One Voice – Agnostic Front
9. Dine Alone – Quicksand
10. We Gotta Know – Cro-Mags

The first music video for their version of  The Accused’s “Inherit The Earth” is out now.

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