Riff Police! Pull Over! #17: The Dillinger Escape Plan Vs The Dillinger Escape Plan!

Incest is best. Keep it in the family. That’s what they say, right?! Nirvana released a rarities collection entitled “Incesticide” back in 1992 which still holds up as an example of raw talent and experimentation but we digress. When The Dillinger Escape Plan parted company with original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis they recorded an instrumental EP during their search for a new frontman. More than a few eyebrows were raised when they announced a collaboration with Faith No More‘s Mike Patton for the entire recording that went on to form “Irony Is A Dead Scene” in 2002. One of the EP’s distinctive highlights is “When Good Dogs Do Bad Things”, a 6 minute plus epic affair.

Just 5 years later, with Greg Puciato firmly in the vocal hot seat and classic “Miss Machine” under their belts came 2007 opus “Ire Works” via Relapse Records. Guitarist Ben Weinman and Greg Puciato had formed a strong song writing partnership by this point but there is no doubt that single “Black Bubblegum” is a re-write of their earlier work. It’s a shame they had to depart and parting is such sweet sorrow. Hopefully we will see them back in 3-5 years!

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