Review: “Private Room” EP by Counterparts

When Canadian Hardcore Punks Counterparts announced they were putting out some leftover songs from the recording sessions of their past couple of albums as a standalone EP, everyone got excited. The surprise is that the EP, entitled “Private Room” is just 3 tracks. So an interesting decision to release them like this rather than re-releasing 2017’s phenomenal “You’re Not You Anymore” with these tracks added on or indeed to add a new song, perhaps even a cover and release it as a quartet, especially with the EP clocking in at just 398 seconds. That being said, unheard material being released from a phenomenal Melodic Hardcore band is always worth the listen.

“Monument” isn’t the A Day To Remember cover that no-one was expecting. Instead it’s a ripping 110 second piece of brutal hardcore. Brendan Murphy’s self destructive lyrics are at their finest, as his barbed vocal performance. The musicianship is sharp and the band throw in punk styled baselines and stuccato guitars around a driven drum performance. It’s a ferocious opening. “Selfishly I Sink” has more in common with the bands Metalcore leanings and is the longest track on the EP at 2 minutes 31 seconds. It actually has a lot in common with the more recent melodic material from A Ghost Inside. The surprise on this one is the drop from more melodic lead guitar parts into blast beats and a breakdown in one of the verses. Third and sadly final tune “We Forgive” is another quality piece of material from the Hamilton Ontario natives. Hardcore Punk at it’s finest. Murphy’s vocals are at their caustic best as he delivers an empassioned performance. The lead guitar work shines over some chunky breakdown riffage. And then it’s over as quickly as it began. Putting it on again? Hell yes! [7.5/10]


  1. “Monument”
  2. “Selfishly I Sink”
  3. “We Forgive”

“Private Room” by Counterparts is out now via Pure Noise Records and available over at bandcamp.

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