Live Review: Caliban, Lionheart & Bad Omens @ The London Dome!

German Metalcore mainstays Caliban are bringing not only material from their new album “Elements” to London tonight. Oh no. They’re bringing the much loved hardcore crew Lionheart and Bad Omens with them for what promises to be a full on high energy show. There aren’t many that can match what Lionheart bring to the stage so the German wrecking ball will have to be on their A game tonight. They’re probably Germany’s best known export aside from Industrial Metal Pioneers Rammstein and of course Any Given Day.

Bad Omens [6.5/10] open up tonight with a 30 minute set that includes a pair of new songs including recently released single “The Hell I Overcame”. The band are perhaps the most accessible one one tonights bill in terms of mainstream appeal and with songs from their 2016 self-titled debut full length it’s not hard to envision them playing a Reading Festival. While their sticksman is an animal and simply incredible (9 cymbal of varying sizes) it seems that they struggle to keep it heavy in places, often reverting to type rather than taking a leap of faith.

Lionheart [9/10] show everyone how it’s done. Every song is a sing-a-long and it’s a powerhouse house performance that leaves nothing in the locker. Their bassist removes his tee to a strip tease sample mid set and a verse of “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by the Beastie Boys serves as an opportunity to introduce each band member. “Trial By Fire”, “Hail Mary” and “Vultures” raise the roof while an impromptu song with a fan on guitar is a wonderful moment. Oh and the band are working on new material for a fall 2019 release!

Tonights headliners Caliban [7/10] return to our shores after a 5 year absence and deliver slab after mortuary slab of bouncy riffage with little in the way of anything to break that up. Their Rammstein cover “Sonne” and “The Beloved And The Hatred” are surprisingly absent from tonight’s set and the opening leg of touring for new album “Elements” instead gets off to more of a brutal start. The 8 string Ibanez guitar and huge drum kit bring the house down but you can’t help feeling that something is missing tonight. The band are perhaps less tight than they have been on recent runs and they seem to have made the deliberate choice to include less songs with clean singing in their set tonight. Set closer “Nothing Is Forever”, “Paralyzed” and “Intoxicated” go down a storm.

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