Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Public Enemy Edition!

Arguably the most important hip hop group in Metal, Public Enemy not only brought politically charged critically acclaimed music to an unexpecting World from Long Island New York in the late 1980’s but also collaborated with fellow New Yorkers Anthrax. Their collaboration, a rework of the 1987 single “Bring The Noise” was released in 1991 and for many was the sound that created Rap-Metal and gave roots to the sound that would become Nu-Metal. 

Fast forward to 2005 and on the soundtrack to the sequel to Vin Diesel’s xXx starting Ice Cube entitled “State of the Union” appears a collaboration between Nu-Metal pioneers KoRn and Xzibit to do their version of another Public Enemy staple “Fight The Power”. 

On another soundtrack, this time for the video game “Homefront” released in 2011, Mathcore legends Dillinger Escape Plan surprised the World and his wife by releasing their version with Chuck D. from Public Enemy laying down some guest vocals. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised. During their career they had put out a myriad of covers by a huge range of influences. Who wins? You decide! 

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