Review: “Metamorphosis” EP by Chrysarmonia

Hailing from Lombardy near Milan Italy and formed by four musicians already in covers band 5 A CASO (or “5 Random”) for nearly a decade, Chrysarmonia comprise vocalist Vania Guarini, sticksman Fabio Chiappella, guitarist Davide Paggiarin and bassist Simone Pampuri playing Alternative Hard Rock. Their debut EP “Metamorphosis” is made up of songs by Vania Guarini and worked on since the band got together in 2017.

Featuring the loose production quality of a one take recording “Perfect Storm” a bright clean vocal and Classic Rock feel with a nice bounce and energy. It becomes more apparent as the EP plays through and with multiple listens, how personal the lyrics are, almost like a solo project. Whether that remains the case over forthcoming releases only time will tell. The production brings to mind Joel Stooksbury’s work on “A Southern Revelation” by My Ruin, albeit without the unclean vocals from Tarrie B or virtuoso guitar work from Mick Murphy, with a raw, loose feel like the band are in a jam room recording together. “Piece of My Dreams” is a much more laid back affair with a slow burning almost country feel to the guitar work in the pre-chorus that builds into some chunkier riffs and brings sense of melloncholic introspection. There are a couple of small pronunciation issues with English not being the bands native tongue but it adds to the charm rather than taking away.

“Victim” continues the slow burn with a darker lyric about people who consider themselves victims of the universe. There is a strong sense that the track could have a person’s name attached to it but the lyrics manage to sway away from that route and make for more applicable listening. “I Know Who I Am” features a number of nice tempo shifts as it moves through the gears with that greater bounce and energy of the opening track in the post-chorus. As a song about knowing who you are in your heart with a much deeper meaning both emotionally and spiritually there is that sense in the strength of the vocals on this one. The choice to sing about ones own sexual orientation and the choices that you make is a brave one but it pays off in the end with a heart felt and thought provoking nature. “Calm The Fire” has a big vocal harmony introduction that builds into some almost tribal drum patterns. The song lends itself to the more complex guitar work and gives Davide Paggiarin a chance to shine which he grasps with both hands.

“Metamorphosis” is about so much more that the members switch from being a covers band to playing their own music. It’s about their frontwoman’s journey in life and the things she has gone through with the people that she’s met along the way [7/10]

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