Review: “New Beginnings” EP from Median Insight

Following on from their debut single “Atrocity” which appeared in August 2018, Simi Valley Californian duo David Shin and Gabriel Cox aka Median Insight dropped a 3 track EP entitled “New Beginnings” just a couple of weeks back.

After its 90’s nostalgic Nu-Metal inspired intro “Corruption” gets underway with some some Metalcore riffage and some bordering on Deathcore territory unclean growls. Multi instrumentalist David Shin (Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys and FX) lays down some icy keys that sit at the base of the mix and become a nuance behind the guitar layer that works really well. Gabe Cox demonstrates an impressive vocal range with some soaring cleans that are more in the Progressive vein and in stark contrast to the unclean growls and higher pitched unclean one-two punch of the earlier part of the track. The synths have a bit of the Winds of Plague sound about them but are far more of a subtle layer in the mix. “Polar Bears Ate the South Pole” has an industrial club music loop that the opening guitars burst from for the opening verse of uncleans. Perhaps the earlier Crown The Empire material with that Electronicore vibe is a good comparison. The clean vocals again impress with a sing-a-long quality and some thought provoking lyrics. The musicianship on the cut as it builds and and layers the one line clean, one line unclean is a nice touch.

The opening looped speech of “Alone” sets a dark tone followed by an atmospheric build into an unclean verse. Metalcore riffs a plenty, there is a real sense that Median Insight could easily do a straight Deathcore, Metalcore or even Hard Rock tune but instead choose to make things more complex and diverse. When the riffs break for some electronic groove, there a sense that the band can take any direction from here. If they were announced as signing for Fearless or Rise Records and appeared on the next Punk Goes Pop compilation then it really wouldn’t surprise. They’re that good. [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. “Corruption”
  2. “Polar Bears Ate the South Pole”
  3. “Alone”

“New Beginnings” from Median Insight is out now and available here

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