The Black Map #47: We Struck Gold from Bristol!

2018 was a big year for Melodic Hardcore quartet We Stuck Gold. Debut full length done and dusted and music videos shot ready to go, the band took the stage with the likes of Martyr Defiled, Borders, Carrier and Dead Hands to play a few shows. Their mission statement a simple one. Get the Mosh out going, get the crowd to grab the microphone during some big sing-a-longs and make it all bigger and better than their debut EP “Opportunities Are Endless”. In singles “The Stride” and “High Horse”, the band have done just that and coming from a thriving Bristol scene with some decent venues for home town shows, they can’t go wrong. Signing for Boneyard Promotions, the home of Hypophoria among many others in December should seem them on their way to a sound system near you real soon!

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