The Black Map #22: Sunfall from Guildford!

Guildford in Surrey is about as close to being a city as you can get without being a city. In 2015, the census recorded 146,000 residence – with Saxon roots, a University and Cathedral, you have everything you need. So as we continue our journey across the Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene, it is at Guildford we stop.

The subject of this week’s entry are none other than Sunfall (or Internationally Sunfall UK). Describing themselves as “Heavy post-metalcore with elements of hardcore, downtempo, Beatdown and Deathcore with ambient soundscapes and big drops” you can’t help but feel like they are deserving of a listen. Debut single “Extremis” will be followed by an EP mixed by former Bound By Fear guitarist Keir Campbell, while the band will share stages with Harbinger, A Night In Texas and The Hero Dies First later this month. On this evidence their future is so bright, it will burn your retinas.

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