The Black Map #93: Death Warrant from Reading!

Citing influences in Arkangel, Born From Pain, Slayer and Vader, creating a Metallic Hardcore orientated sound is going to be the obvious choice. Taking the best of the Hardcore World and injecting it with the nitro of Thrash so take those flames and give them some serious burn, Death Warrant are a quintet that hail from Reading. They’ve used the skills Arcaeon guitarist Sam Machin to produce and record a pair of EPs in 2018’s “There Is Only Now” and 2019’s “Vs The World” while also making time to cram in split release with brothers in arms Own Your Life between the two. We had the pleasure of witnessing their live show at the More Than Music #2 charity event that raised $306 for Project Child Save, while also being a mighty fine time and let us tell you, they know how to get things done, so we’re sure that while they’ve never gone north of the Watford gap live as yet, it won’t be too long before they do! You can snag their material over at bandcamp

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