Review: “Reclamation” EP by Sworn Amongst

Kingston upon Hull Metallers Sworn Amongst have a rich history having established themselves on the European circuit with a live show that needs no introduction and having relentlessly toured since 2004. They’ve played Download Festival, Bloodstock and Hammerfest in the UK as well as being main support for Annihilator as well as sharing stages with virtually all of the UK Metal Underground scene’s great and good. This return through Famined Records, the home of Harmed, is a highly anticipated one.

“Enslaved” is a classic Metalcore cut with that clean chorus against some broken glass uncleans and riffs a plenty. After an atmospheric opening of buried electronics under a classic clean Metal guitar the track explodes into a high energy tune as the drums kick in at pace with some breakneck guitar work. That bounce and energy of the ferocious opening track is a real call to arms. “Delusional” makes no bones about its lyrical point of view as it continues that high energy attack. What the band do well, is slow down the music in for a melodic break and for a clean vocal passage that keeps the atmosphere and doesn’t lose the energy they’ve worked to create. That break makes for a pallette cleanser for the DJent inspired riffage of the opening of “Believe”, the EPs middle tune. Those Tech-Metal guitar parts add a satisfying crunch to some of the Metalcore parts and have the band in parts sounding like Carcer City with heavier and more gravelly unclean vocals. There is a timely “Bleigh!” that brings in the final breakdown section that is something inspired.

“The Cleansing” has been a tune which first appeared around a year ago and is a fine example of what the band are about these days. A fine piece of Metalcore with more clean vocals than the opening trio of tunes but in fine balance and again, with no loss of energy or forced slow down. It’s a tune that many thought could have been the bands last. Fortunately not and it doesn’t sound out of place here in any way. Instead it offers up that quality that the band have crafted on the rest of their work here. “Set This World Alight” has more of a classic feel to it in the opening section. Perhaps an influenced by “End of Heartache” era Killswitch Engage. That influence shows itself in the guitar work around the clean vocals with the uncleans ushering in breakdowns with DJent inspiration that is absolutely fantastic. Together the two elements make for a solid mix of sonics with both a brutal edge and a melodic clarity. “Reclamation” is very much the EP that makes a statement. That statement is that Sworn Amongst are back. They’re in form. And they’re ready to take back their title belt from any and all challengers! [8/10]

“Reclaimation” by Sworn Amongst is out now via Famined Records!

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