Riff Police! Pull Over! #51: In Flames Vs Light This City!

Gothenburg Sweden’s In Flames may get a lot of flack these days but that’s only because back in the day they had a groundbreaking sound and were making waves. As they’ve grown older they’ve changed their style and moved in a direction that some of their fanbase don’t appreciate. The bands 2002 effort “Reroute To Remain”, their sixth studio recording, was their second major step in that new musical direction. Despite being met with some negativity, it’s still a decent enough album and spawned a pair of solid singles in “Trigger” and “Cloud Connected”.

It’s that later track that is the subject of today’s Riff Police. Specifically the verse of “A Grotesque Reflection” by Light This City, a track that features on their 2018 release “Terminal Bloom”. The American Melodic Death Metal band, famously fronted by Laura Nicol actually started their career in the same year that “Reroute To Remain” was released. After an almost 10 year hiatus that featured a clutch of reunion shows, the band came back with “Terminal Bloom”. But check it out, see what you think…

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