Review: “World Has No Pity For Fools” EP by Earthfall

Based in Sassari, the second largest city of Sardinia Italy are a Metallic Hardcore project called Earthfall. Featuring current members of Waar and former members of 2000-2002 era Absence, As Humanity Fades, Tigershot and Try Fail Repeat, they’re a band with a wealth of experience in their ranks. Formed in 2018, “World Has No Pity For Fools” marks their debut release and sees them draw inspiration from the likes of Arkangel, Reprisal, All Out War and Walls of Jericho. In a week where we’ve reviewed a release from Cursed Earth that features a guest vocalist on every track, this is the second recording to land on our door mat in that time with a separate guest appearing on each of these tunes as well!

After an Integrity inspired slow dark groove opening, “Slaves To The Rich” moves through the gears with Josh from To Kill and Tempest lending his throat to proceedings. The tempo shifts within the tune inject more and more energy while the groove two step riffs are absolutely ideal for the live arena and the accented vocals add a charm. The lyrics are as you would expect, socially and politically aware with a message that should leave you thinking after the moshing is over. “No One’s Life” sees Ivan of 217 and Straight Opposition take up the Microphone adding a deeper bark to the higher pitch lead vocals of Renato while some pummelling kit work keeps things flowing. The Metal Crossover and even Thrash leanings take the form of an undercurrent of lead work that is deliberately kept within the boundaries of the rhythm patterns to keep it rooted in the Hardcore sound rather than splashing it over the top like water escaping from a swimming pool when a larger than life character dive bombs in. This ain’t no Power Trip record.

Classic Hardcore riffage brings in “Balance”, a pile driver of a track that introduces some gang chant work and has that instant headbangability that you want from your Hardcore. It makes you want to move (those dancing feet) and with MV of Browbeat lending his gruff bark, it’s a fits pumping tune. Adding some extra weight in the bass department a song of the bands name “Earthfall” brings things to a close with some gravity. Chunky riffage bring a real groove feel to the track and the presence of Emiliano of Mydissent fame gives it that extra. But it’s the spoken word closing message that steals the show, a poinient place to end with a message to make you think. Earthfall have used their experience to great effect on this one, check it out [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Slaves To The Rich ft. Josh of To Kill and Tempest
  2. No One’s Life ft. Ivan of 217 and Straight Opposition
  3. Balance ft. MV of Browbeat
  4. Earthfall ft. Emiliano of Mydissent

“World Has No Pity For Fools” by Earthfall is out now and available via bandcamp

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