NEWS: Us In Motion share “Romantics”!

Nashville Tennessee based Us In Motion draw influence from My Chemical Romance, The Used and even Bring Me The Horizon in creating their sound. The alternative-rock band have “Nothing Above”, their debut full length album appearing on 16th August and have let us have single “Romantics” as an advance on that, having already streamed “In The Mourning” and “The Witch”!

vocalist Grant Bastin says “Romantics is about losing a loved one or partner. It’s not necessarily about grieving the person, it’s about how you handle the trauma and how you react to it as a whole; do you blame yourself? Others? Do you take it out on yourself to the point of losing your own life, or do you find a way to suppress it and move on? All of these songs on this record are written into their own stories, which reflect real life scenarios that happened to me in my life.“

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