Riff Police! Pull Over! #60: Holy Terror Vs Megadeth!

Sandwiched between “A Fool’s Gold” and title track “Mind Wars” from their 1988 Speed Metal meets Thrash in a head on collision of an album “Mind Wars” is “Terminal Humor” from Holy Terror. While the band are noted for the effortless harsh to melodic vocal exchanges of frontman Keith Deen and his street level approach to lyrical themes of War, Religion and the Human Condition, it’s the riffs that this is all about. To that we owe former Agent Steel guitarist Kurt Colfelt who exited that band in 1985 before they were teased by Capitol Records.

Recorded in a period between 1989–1990 was “Rust In Peace” by Megadeth in what would be termed by many their classic line-up with the bands former drum tech Nick Menza (Rest In Peace) gracing the kit, David Ellefson playing bass, virtuoso guitarist Marty Friedman on leads and Dave Mustaine as ever providing lead vocals and guitars. “Hangar 18” maybe one of many highlights of the bands career, but it also features a riff seeming lifted from a friend. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Wait. What?!


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